Saturday, July 22, 2006

no more cell phones

just heard the news and i feel sick to my stomach. the telecommunications towers in the north have been hit. i can't get through to any of my friends up there! liz, if you read this... hope you're ok. thinking about you and your family and friends... zeina, tried calling you in tripoli yesterday... i hope you're ok. i can't get through to anyone.

this is insane!

people are so afraid!! this is psychological warfare!!

this is unjust and inhumane!


everyone in Lebanon is a direct target. we are all sitting ducks.

also heard today that the US is sending a new batch of weapons over to Israel. and that it's expedited delivery!

so, let me ask this question: if israel gets its weapons from the USA then by default doesn't that mean that the USA is at war with Lebanon? isn't that what they are saying about iran and the hizuballah? What did we ever do to the USA to get this? how can something like this be possible? how can mankind be so corrupt, greedy and inhuman?

i am so angry. i am so let down.

WORLD, where are you??? how can something like this be allowed to happen!

why isn't this being stopped?


people are going crazy from stress, anxiety and depression. my head is constantly buzzing. i feel like i'm going to faint and vomit at the same time.

the Israeli army today blew up the satellite link for major tv news stations. ie: LBC International and Future International. most of the Arab world keeps in touch with what is going on here through those stations. now no more. how are they to know the truth? is Israel slowly trying to choke us?

i spoke with an Irish photojournalist today. she said that she took some pictures yesterday of civilians who were injured from the bombing. but she said that they would never get printed back home. why? because the newspaper would not want to disturb their viewers.

What kind of garbage is that????

i just got back from walking the dogs. the streets were pitch black. no electricity on the roads. i was so scared. the dogs were unhappy because i didn't let them off the lead. i was so afraid they would run off into the darkness and never come back.

i fear that one day i am going to wake up and everything around me will be black. it has already happened to more than half the population of Lebanon. why should it not happen to me.

please, who ever is reading this, please pass on the word. please do what ever you can to help. tonight, so far, it has been very quiet. too quiet. we all fear that this is the calm before the storm. they have been dropping chemical bombs in the south. are they going to do the same with the rest of the country. i also heard they are using depleted uranium. does this mean that after this is all over with, we are going to be looking at a generation of cancer victims?

God, where are you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


God is hearing you.

you and the people around you will be fine.

calm down , have faith and keep asking him to protect you.

I'm with you and so are many others around the world.

keep writing.

12:40 AM  
Blogger hopeful beirut said...


you are one of the strongest women i know, and ur weapon is ur faith in humanity and the unconditional love you pour unto everything you endeavor to do. don;t quit now, take a rest, find comfort from those around you... allow them to comfort you... and then get up and go back to doing what you do best.. love...


10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Z

I am incensed, you are incensed and we (a lot of people I know and you know are incensed) by:
- the Israeli invasion..
- the media for its calculated misrepresentation
- the death of many people and especially children
- the scars we will have to bear for generations for our silence
I pray for your survival, for an immediate and unconditional cease-fire, and for support both humanitarian and political.

Many countries are cowed by the US and its allies in a falsely constructed war that will eventually result in a cycle of wars to fuel their war-based economies. What better way to wage war than by remote control, have others die for your misguided cause and not have to face your countrymen with dead bodies?

I suspect that the real aim of the Israelis is to get control of the head waters of the Jordan river, because without water no one can survive. It is not coincidental that they are targetting the South with such a formidable show of strength. Have you heard any thing about this??

Keep faith, keep safe, keep us uptodate

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang on in there - the people that realy count are suporting the citizens of Lebanon that have no guilt in the middle of this political and military stupid demonstration.

You're my idol right now

From Romania - with love

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Zeina,

I am a Catholic from the U.S. I just wanted to let you know that there are many people here who absolutely disagree with what has happened in Lebanon, and we oppose this monstrous injustice. However, we have no political clout. Therefore, those with power win out.

Unfortunately for us and for you, U.S. interests are intertwined with Jewish interests. They have the money and the power.

Also, there are many Dispensationalist Protestants here in the U.S. who hold Zionist views because of their false interpretations of the Bible. They think that Israelis can do no wrong and that God is on their side. These Fundamentalists don't want peace because they see current events as leading up to "the Rapture," where they will be taken into Heaven by Christ to avoid "the tribulation."

Catholics, of course, see that claim for the error that it is. However, being powerless in our own country, the only thing we have is prayer, that is, the Rosary of the Holy Virgin, and we offer it for you and for the conversion of all involved.

May God keep you safe, and may Our Lady watch over you and Her poor suffering children of Lebanon.

8:17 PM  
Blogger Love and Light said...

Dear Zeina,

Our mind is a great tool, do not allow fear to take over. For assistance, help your self by imagining invisible purple flame all around you and all your loved ones and your cities. This is the color of perpetual assistance.

Do not allow the negative thought to take over, because then win.

Continue to be loving in the face of the enemy.

I am visioning you safe and your friends safe.

There is light in darkness and no darkness in light.

Send telephatic messages to those who do not have phones, work at this.

Love and Light,

6:32 PM  
Blogger Love and Light said...

You are there because you can handle this situation, Your strong and can uphold the the faith for all your people. You are an angel in disquise.

These things do not last long, re build and clean up will follow, so save your strenght where it counts.

Love and Light

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I know that living in the war zone is an absolutely horrifying experience, and I do hope that you pull through.

But your nation has brought it upon itself. You tolerated Hezbullah- and look where it lead you....

When the war comes its never a pleasant experience. Here in Haifa, we are also civillians - and we are also under attack. No point whining about it. Get your friends together and stage an anti Hezbullah demonstration!

I do hope that one day our children will be able to be friends...

Kalman, Haifa

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only a fascist Israeli would make such an insensitive comment. "No point whining about it", "your nation has brought it upon itself"??
Oh yes Lebanon really wanted its country to be invaded by Israel yet for the nth time! First of all, Hezbollah was created because of the Israeli occupation in Lebanon and furthermore Hezbollah is a resistance organization fighting for the release of the thousands of Lebanese prisoners, incidentally civilians, taken hostage and kept in Israeli dungeons. Two kidnapped Israeli solders does not justify such an attack on a whole country. Israel is the real terrorist here not Hezbollah. Hezbollah is defending Lebanon and started doing so AFTER Israel made their first attack. If you really wanted your children "to be able to be friends" then you would have negotiated the release of prisoners on both sides rather than shooting missiles into Lebanon. Trust me your children will never be friends with Lebanese children who will not grow up to see the light of day because you're killing them all!!!
Zeina, we are here (USA) and we hear you. We do all that we can to help and we do not support our county's foreign policy as guided by AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee).
Hang in there. Much love,
Vannie Mikaelian

7:14 AM  

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